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iPad POS System

Say goodbye to bulky point of sale hardware and hello to an Epos Now tablet solution. Our iPad point of sale system is perfect for businesses that need flexibility and fast speed. 

Everything you need to trade:

  • Heckler secure iPad POS stand
  • 80mm Ethernet Thermal Epos Now GX Receipt Printer
  • Secure all-metal cash-drawer
  • iZettle Chip & Pin terminal with Heckler stand (optional)
  • First month's Epos Now software
  • Installation, configuration, and training

Why Epos Now

Easy to Setup & Use

Get set up and ready to trade within minutes with the best POS system for iPad. Onboard with round the clock support from our customer success team. Epos Now works with almost all Apple iPads.

Accessible Anywhere

Access reports, insights, and make improvements to your business in real-time. Use our POS app for iPad on devices you already own to bring down costs.

Completely Flexible

Our point of sale software for iPad scales with your business and expands as you grow. Add devices, accessories, and over 100+ integrations to take you to the next level.
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iPad Restaurant POS System

Whether you run a small cafe or a national restaurant chain, Epos Now systems have the tools you need to offer exceptional service. 

  • Create a custom floorplan for complete table management
  • Create product notes to outline allergen information for menu items
  • Offer takeout and delivery with Epos Now Order & Pay
  • Get real-time inventory management to see what ingredients are out of stock
  • Automate purchase orders to keep your kitchen fully stocked
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iPad Retail POS System

Take your store to the next level and boost your profit potential with Epos Now retail management software.

  • Import and edit products directly from your POS for iPad
  • Synchronize your online and physical retail stores 
  • Track historic sales data to stay up to date with trends
  • Find and liquidate dead stock to free up cash
  • Offer unique digital gift cards and store credit
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User-friendly iPad POS software

Your employees know how to use tablets and smartphones, so learning how to use Epos Now won’t be a challenge. 

  • Work with a dedicated implementation manager to import products and data
  • Set up your system with our six-stage onboarding guide
  • Training staff on our iPad POS app only takes 15 minutes
  • Get customer support via live chat, email, and phone
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Connect with other devices and applications

No matter if you have a small business or a large firm, our Epos Now iPad POS systems are your central hub for overseeing all business functions.

  • Synchronize with handheld ordering devices, kitchen display screens, and kitchen printers
  • Tap into our App Store to access over 100 integrations, including accounting and marketing tools
  • Synchronize your website with your POS for simplified management
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Analyze performance with detailed reporting

Our iPad POS software includes powerful reports and dashboards to give you complete insight into your business.

  • Create custom reports in your Epos Now Back Office
  • Track sales, margin, inventory, and more to find growth opportunities
  • View online ordering data from multiple sites in one location
  • Determine staffing needs by monitoring employee performance and activity
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The iPad POS with enhanced security features

Epos Now systems use the latest tools to keep your business and customers safe.

  • Prevent unauthorized access with employee login codes
  • Protect your data from theft, damage, and corruption with cloud storage
  • Stop theft by integrating a locking cash drawer with our iPad-based POS systems
  • Reduce credit card fraud and identity theft with encrypted payment processing
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Improve customer service and create personalized experiences

Whether you’re doing business online or in-person, provide your customers with phenomenal service.

  • Offer discounts and rewards with customer loyalty programs
  • Provide fast checkout with digital receipts and contactless payment
  • Share news and promotions with email marketing programs like Mailchimp
  • Make your business more accessible with e-commerce and food delivery applications
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The support you need, whenever you need it​

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going at it alone. ​

​We provide round-the-clock support, as well as personalised, one-on-one onboarding and unlimited training and coaching.

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